My journey to the valley of health

Before / After

Before / After

I’m Rocky, and I was born and raised in North Hollywood, CA. I spent most of my childhood on the Universal backlots following my dad around sets and snatching food off of the craft service tables. When I was a freshmen in high school my mother moved me to Cape Girardeau, MO so I got a taste of small town life, fried fatty foods and 32 oz. sodas, and also fell in love with baseball. Shortly after high school I joined the Navy, where I met the love of my life, Ray, that inspired me to make a change for a healthier and fitter life.

I started my journey to fitness shortly after me and Ray’s engagement at my peak weight of 205 pounds. Obesity runs in my family, and I was determined to be the first one to break the cycle before getting married and starting my family.

I didn’t have a goal weight, as I once was 135 lbs. I wasn’t healthy at that weight though, I looked sickly and felt weak, and this time I wanted to lose the fat and gain muscle while fighting my food addiction/love. I decided I have my whole life to eat, I don’t need everything all at once, and I wasn’t about to lose it all at once. This was going to be a long and hard road.


For me, it was about learning moderation, embracing sweat, and being goal driven.  I had my goal date in mind of the wedding, and after meeting that goal, I decided to start this blog to keep myself accountable to maintain the weight.

I look forward to possibly competing, so this too will log my future fitness competetion journey

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  1. superman
    superman at · Reply

    Just had to me the first to comment. Keep it up lady, I well be following your life style to help me keep the pounds off.

  2. Thessaly
    Thessaly at · Reply

    Ahh!! Beck!!! You look amazing girl! I love that you put it out here for the world to see. Congrats on your marriage and it’s great to see you happy and healthy!!

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