The only thing constant in life

The only thing constant in life

So, if you have noticed my winter slim down updates have been on hold. My father passed away, and it disrupted my plans for a month or so. The recovery process includes grieving, and even colder, dealing with monetary issues….

WSD Week 3 - Plateaus (and death) suck

WSD Week 3 – Plateaus (and death) suck

Wow, only on the start of week 3 and I’ve already plateaued, with a meager .5 lb loss for the week. I saw some inches lost, but still, what a bummer. To be honest I felt pretty defeated when I…

Cauliflower Fried Rice

WSD Week 2

Woohoo, one week done of my winter slim down: and not one gym day missed! 4.2 lbs down, not shabby! I also was able to wait the whole week without a slip-up on my diet. I kept my desert and…

Stovetop Carnitas

Whole 30 Final Week Wrap-Up & Menu

A few days late, sorry!! My worry about being broke on our honeymoon has really driven me to work like crazy so writing out the menu has been rough. Poor Ray lived on protein shakes, fruit, sausages, and hamburger meat…

Whole 30 Week 3 Wrap Up & Menu

Whole 30 Week 3 Wrap Up & Menu

Wow what a week! I’m not going to lie; my half marathon broke my resolve and I did have pasta the night before, and a few protein bars and energy gel shots the day of the race. So technically I…

So mad at Ray for taking this one lol

The M2B 1/2 Marathon; my mind vs. my knee

When I began my weight loss journey, I could barely run a mile without tears streaming down my face and my heart bursting out of my chest. Running was always my greatest enemy; a villain looming over me constantly. Even…

Crockpot Meatballs

Whole 30 Week 2 wrap-up and menu

Wow! Almost halfway there through the Whole 30, and I have to say this is much easier than my first time! I fight my dessert cravings with frozen berry/fruit mixes, and have been able to maintain my eat-every-three hours with…

Whole 30 Week 1 menu & wrap-up

Whole 30 Week 1 menu & wrap-up

So, one week down and I am doing MUCH better than I did the first time I did last year, I think mainly because I ate pretty clean before. BUT I do miss stevia and cream in my coffee, my…

Shoulder Press FTW

Fit-tastic Friday {shoulders & arms}

Before you paint the town red tonight, lets get a burn on to make up for all the calories we will eat/drink later, yeah? Today is my favorite day of the week, shoulders and arms. A killer set of shoulders…

Sizzzling Sesame Beef via Good Housekeeping

Recipes for the Week featuring double meatball nights

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. My first post, how exciting!!! I get a lot of questions on my favorite recipes, and there are just too many to choose from! The first thing I do at the…