Gadgets and Gear

No superhero would leave home without their uniform, and I wouldn’t be where I am without my handy dandy gadgets and gear.

Polar Loop and Monitor

Polar Loop and Monitor

My gadget I rely on for calorie counting is the Polar Loop  and I pair it with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor whenever I am working out so I monitor my heart rate levels and get a better calorie count for activities such as biking and lifting weights. They offer the Poler Flow app for both the android and itunes market!

To keep the tunes going without being interuppted by pesky “sweat slip” I have been wearing Yurbuds for two years now, kept neat with a Magneat  clipped to my tank strap. They are made for athletes in mind, and don’t slip out when running and sweating like crazy.

For my gym gear, when lifting, I always wear gloves. I insist on having lady hands, and I kinda feel like a badass slipping them on. ‘Like I’m gonna get in a f**king fight with the fat haha.

I also love my Vibrams for lifting, I feel more connected to my body and am able to get better form especially for important movements like squats and planks.

For running trails I wear the Mizuno Wave Ascend stability shoes, I have high arches so they help. ‘Running the street however I love slipping on my Asic Gel-Lyte33 2‘s.

Most of my clothes I get off of ebay or the outlet stores, I really hate paying full price for stuff I’m just gonna sweat in, even if it’s what I wear 80% of the time lol. I will totally splurge on sassy tank tops from Human though.


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