Snack Time is the Best Time

I mentioned in my blog posts about how I plan my weekly meals, and it usually is referring to only dinner.

So what about the rest of the day, you may ask?

Well for Ray, my hubby, he gets to eat the leftovers from the night before, as can you. If you’re like me though, and kind of picky about quality of food, I just can’t eat most leftovers. I like crispy crunchy textures, and they don’t hold up well to storage. Some recipes are totally great for making early in the week (I love Scotch Eggs for example, soups or stews like Pizza Soup, or slow cooked meats like Stovetop Pork Carnitas, all via The Clothes Make the Girl) but mostly I snack throughout the day until the dinner bell rings.

Most of these snacks are not paleo, but they are high in protein, and low in sugar and carbs, so for me, that’s okay. I am still eating mostly protein, watching my sugars, and keeping the non fibrous carbs low. Would eating celery and carrots be better? Probably, but there is no way I could keep it up.

In the morning for breakfast, I normally start out with a black coffee sweetened with Stevia and a shake made of a couple scoops of Power Crunch Proto Whey Mocha with unsweetened almond milk. This wakes me and my metabolism up. That sets me up for an hour or two while I get my morning walk/run with the puppies, and all the getting ready for school.

While at school in my super awesome R2D2 lunchbox, I will have packed (I don’t eat everything normally, but I like options. I’ll have one item every couple of hours);

Once I’m outta school, I go hit the gym, fueled up and ready to go. After that and my afternoon cardio I’ll drink another protein shake and  start getting dinner ready. Done and done!

What do you think?

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