Stovetop Carnitas

Whole 30 Final Week Wrap-Up & Menu

A few days late, sorry!! My worry about being broke on our honeymoon has really driven me to work like crazy so writing out the menu has been rough. Poor Ray lived on protein shakes, fruit, sausages, and hamburger meat for the few days where school/gym/work was my life. But now the Whole 30 is over, I look forward to having a weekly date night where I enjoy a dessert. The day I slipped up after the 1/2 Marathon taught me a very good lesson: I feel like shit when I eat shit lol. After being so clean for a good 17 days solid, the few crappy meals I had because I figured “I deserved it after 13.1 miles of pain” really was more like punishment than anything. I deserved better but my old ways whispered junk into my ears. Eat clean, train mean. I’m back to lifting weights again (I took two weeks off prior to the marathon to prevent injuries) and I’m hitting the pavement with vengeance. After the honeymoon me and Ray will be experimenting with crossfit and joining the San Diego track club to work on our half marathon speed. Under 2:10 next time!

Enjoy the menu! A few were repeats because they are my favies.