Whole 30 Week 1 menu & wrap-up

So, one week down and I am doing MUCH better than I did the first time I did last year, I think mainly because I ate pretty clean before. BUT I do miss stevia and cream in my coffee, my pre-workout supps, and my weekly cheat meal and dessert/frozen yogurt :(

The wave of headaches and energy drain I felt the first time hasn’t hit me yet, I am trying to keep the demons at bay with tons of water and a cup of black coffee when I’m starting to feel a lull.

In the morning I make myself a protein packed omelette with bacon and bell peppers. During the day I am snacking on nuts, sunbutter, apples, berries and bananas with a salad for lunch served with grilled chicken I cooked in the beginning of the week. Check out the daily recipes below!

Week One Dinner Menu: