WSD Week 2

Woohoo, one week done of my winter slim down: and not one gym day missed! 4.2 lbs down, not shabby!

I also was able to wait the whole week without a slip-up on my diet. I kept my desert and fried salty cravings at bay with paleo muffins and kale chips (obsessed), and cooked every night except date night of course.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals came into town and I stuck to my guns: only snacking on peanuts or taco-less tacos (everything but the tortilla please) and kept it low-carb with Mich Ultra. Could I have just drank water and ate nothing? Sure, but that sounds like one sad baseball game to me haha!

A photoshop series I did for a local Star Wars show got its own wall, which is pretty awesome. I also love knee high socks. I just do.

What I’m eating this week:

Stats for start of Week 1:

  • Weight: 158.8 lbs (-4.2)
  • Feeling: good!